Somraj Sahu

Amour Bonding

In the Indian religious and philosophical traditions, all knowledge is traced back to the Gods, Rishis, and Sadhus. Sadhu lost his family 7 years before in an accident from that time he left his home. One day he found a little Monkey kid on the roadside from that time he called her Ganga. Ganga was her only girl child and she is no more. Sadhus have unique characteristics and one of them is being alone they have to be detached from all their closed one to find moksha. And in their journey, this sadhu has found this monkey whom she calls Ganga. She is his friend, daughter everything, she is a spark of joy in his tough journey towards moksha.

This sadhu treats this monkey (GANGA) as his own daughter and takes care of her need more than he does for himself. They are each other support, strength and a medium to avoid their loneliness on a journey to obtain moksha.

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